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Oxley Primary School is committed to offering the very best educational opportunities to all rural students, today, tomorrow and in the future. In 2019, the school continues with its strong focus on developing literacy and numeracy skills of all students and then seeing these skills utilised across a wide range of specialist subject areas and real-life scenarios.

This year Oxley Primary School will achieve the following outcomes:

• Engage with Peter Sullivan who is currently Professor of Science, Mathematics and Technology Education at Monash University. Peter has extensive experience in research and teaching in teacher education not only in Australia but worldwide. Peter will work with our staff with a focus on using challenge tasks to differentiate in every classroom.

• Celebrate every individual student’s growth across a wide range of areas in school life and make sure that all actions carried out in 2019 have the students at the center of every decision.

• Run an extensive student voice program within the school to support what students are learning so that they are aware of what they are learning and how they will be able to use this learning in real-life scenarios.

• Start an exciting educational journey over the next two years for the entire Oxley community, which will be supported by an additional $100,000 grant to support our Mathematics and Science programs within the school. Nadia Aumann has been employed as a Learning Specialist and has a dedicated role of working with all classes and students across the school.

• Offer an opportunity of strong parent engagement, with our parents not only participating across a wide range of events but also ensuring they are vital components in their child’s learning journey.

• Continue to build on our after school care and vacation care program to deliver a service that now supports the entire Wangaratta area.

• Continue to enrich the opportunities our students have in being able to extend them throughout the year with a wide range of specialist programs, which include Physical Education and Well-being, Science and Library, Italian, Music, Art and BluEarth.

• Join with Milawa Primary School to run another very successful Milawa/Oxley Fox Run event, which celebrates families competing together.

Oxley Primary School has grown to a current enrolment of 104 students, and we invite and encourage all new families wanting to enrol in 2019, 2020 or 2021 to come and experience what Oxley has to offer. Tours can be arranged by contacting Principal, Jeremy Campbell or Business Manager, Jaye Miller on (03) 5727 3312. .

Jeremy Campbell – Principal.

Oxley Primary School has become an eSmart School. We have introduced many new policies and activities to improve the way our school manages cyber safety, bullying and cyber bullying. We feel confident our students, staff and the wider school community will be well supported to be smart, safe and responsible users of digital technology. We encourage everyone in the school community to promote cyber safety and well-being, at school and at home. If you are aware of any incidents of bullying, cyber bullying or risky behavior, please contact the Principal.

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