Oxley Primary School The School Council, Principal, Staff and Parents of Oxley Primary School welcome you and your child to our School.

Oxley Primary School has excellent facilities and surroundings. We have just been part of the Building of the Education Revolution Program which has meant we now have a fully equipped kitchen, a large indoor multi-purpose area and an open plan 21st Century learning space for individual classes.

We offer a stimulating, safe and happy environment where children can grow and develop to their highest potential and at the same time develop creative use of their leisure time. Our experienced and dedicated staff members use innovative and comprehensive planning and assessment approaches, to ensure educational programs meet designated curriculum standards. Oxley Primary School has a very high satisfaction rate with parents and provides high quality educational programs for all its students.

Our students have a keen interest in their schoolwork, enjoy their sport and physical education and have developed an interest in information technology. The school runs an extensive swimming and camps program. The commitment of staff to plan, coordinate and run these programs for the benefit of students is a feature of the school.

There are 6 teaching staff, a part time Business Manager, part time Reading Recovery Teacher and a part time Education Support Class Officer, at the school in 2015. Programs are provided in the eight Key Learning Areas as set out in the Curriculum & Standards Framework.

Oxley Primary School has a current student enrolment of over 100 students. There is an active Parents’ Club, which supports the school in fundraising and provides a valuable forum for parents. The School Council sub-committee and working group structure involves parents and staff who are not members of the School Council.

This broadens the level of parent’s involvement in the school. Oxley Primary School is an accredited Sun Smart school. We have a Sun Smart policy, which sets out the safety precautions and educational programs we use at the school in this area. 

Parents are more than welcome to come and visit the school and speak with staff. Please contact the office if you would like more information.

We currently have 4 Classrorom Structures at Oxley PS.

Grade Prep-1 which has 18 students

Grade 2 – 3 which has 15 students

Grade 3-4 which has 18 students

Grade 5-6 which has 16 students

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